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"We facilitate the sourcing of trending secondhand clothing for North American thrift stores while offering data and consulting services to help guide purchase decisions based on profitability within their market."




Thrift stores are always on the lookout for high-quality, best selling items that their customers love. At RagTrends, We build reliable relationships with rag houses around the world to provide consistently trending merchandise for secondhand retailers. We are here to help move the industry forward by bridging the gap between thousands of thrift stores and the trending secondhand fashion their audience demands.

With 30 years of experience in wholesaling vintage secondhand fashion we have learned what it takes to be a reliable source. With access to data on the latest trends and a constant stream of high-quality vintage and retro clothing from around the world, we empower thrift stores to stock the best inventory and increase sales, standing out in the competitive market.


"We aim to streamline the sourcing of trendy secondhand apparel for North American thrift stores while assisting in the overall growth of the US secondhand apparel industry by utilizing and sharing our research into sales trends and specific market’s demands."

“We offer data with strategy and consulting services for Thrift stores to help target their specific market’s demands while providing them with reliable and affordable sourcing of curated clothing direct from Rag Houses around the world.”


We see that the industry is narrowing while in its biggest growth ever. We are he to begin bridging the gap between raghouse and thrift stores. Pushing the industry towards a closed loop approach to streamlining and to spread out the stock needed for trending categories. Giving the raghouses and thrift stores a better chance for consistency.

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